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Advice on Sexual Health in the USA and the UK

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Advice on Sexual Health in the USA and the UK

A person’s sexual health is as essential as other aspects of their physical and mental well-being. It is crucial to know the options available to a person if they have any worries about their reproductive or sexual health advice. There are many occasions when a person might feel concerned about their sexual health, such as when they think they might have an STI or need help regarding contraception or pregnancy.

Common sexual health concerns

Some of the most common sexual questions that a person has are usually associated with STIs and erectile dysfunction. But, sometimes, these questions also cover a wide variety of topics.

Typical worries about sexual health: Advice and Insights

  • Do I have STIs (sexually transmitted infections)
  • What to do about an unplanned pregnancy
  • How to prevent from getting myself or my partner pregnant
  •  Do I have fertility problems
  • What type of contraception will be best for me
  • Are my periods normal
  • How to increase the chances of getting pregnant
  • How to overcome sexual challenges like discomfort or erectile dysfunction

Most of us have various questions about our bodies when we think about sex. We might have questions about how our genitals look. If other people feel differently about sex, then we do, etc. It is also uncomfortable for people to openly talk about these things, which makes it harder to decide what to do when there is something wrong. The questions about sexual health also change over time. One might wonder about the best way to prevent pregnancy only to have the opposite concern when they decide to start a family.

It is crucial to get the best advice regarding sexual health concerns as you would like to get about any other health issue.

How do medications like Viagra affect sexual health?

Erectile dysfunction is among the most prevalent sexual health problems. Most people use drugs like Viagra to treat ED or to enhance their sexual performance. The effects of this drug have a positive impact on a person’s sexual health.

The effects of these medications might last up to 4 hours and provide enough time for a person to have sexual intercourse. The positive impact of these drugs on a person’s sexual health also reflects on their mental health, as sexual frustration can lead to the development of various mental health issues.


Besides being so useful, Viagra also has very few and mild side effects. Only less than one percent of the users ever experience severe side effects from this drug. Many clinical studies have found Viagra to be a safe drug.

Based on the data and studies, we can say that medications like Viagra can significantly improve an individual’s sexual health. It would be best if you consult a medical professional before using these kinds of drugs.

When to see a doctor?

A significant number of resources and advice for sexual health are available online. These resources can give you information about sexual and reproductive health, but reading about stuff is one thing, and getting a professional opinion is another. If you find yourself in a situation where the available resources are not of any practical use, you should seek professional help.

You should seek out medical advice in the following scenarios:

  • You are in pain
  • You had unprotected sex
  • You are pregnant or suspect that you might be
  • You think that you may have contracted an STI
  • You have unusual symptoms or strange discharge
  • Not everything seems right
  • Missed your contraception pill, or other problems with it

It might be a bit uncomfortable, or you may feel embarrassed about visiting a doctor for sexual health problems. It is essential to know that these professionals are there to help you with your problem not to make you uncomfortable. Don’t worry about what they might think about your appearance. Doctors don’t bother with such things, and they are usually more focused on your symptoms and problems than they are on your looks.

Once you have decided to visit a doctor for your sexual problem, you must determine if you are going to see a general practitioner or a specialist.

General practitioner

A general practitioner can help with various sexual health issues, such as prescribing contraception, diagnosis of STIs or menstrual problems, etc. Visiting your GP can also help eliminate the problem by discussing your concerns with a stranger. It is essential to remember that a general practitioner might not be able to help in every single case.

If your condition requires specialized treatment or tests, then your GP will refer you to a specialist.

Sexual health clinics

These clinics are an essential resource for getting sexual health advice. GUM or family planning clinics are especially helpful when you need contraception or if you want to take an STI test. Different clinics provide different types of services, so do check the service availability before visiting.

Women’s health clinic or Gynaecologist

To get faster access to a specialist, going to a private clinic is the best option. If you want to see a private gynaecologist, you should ask your general practitioner to refer you to one, as that will help you get an appointment much faster.

These women’s health specialists offer Expert Advice for all sorts of sexual health issues. They will help get a contraceptive IUD fitted, and they can also help you decide what to do about an unplanned pregnancy.

Just like sexual health clinics, not all doctors have specialization in every area of sexual health. Make sure to pick the right doctor for your condition by asking your general practitioner for guidance or using resources available online.

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