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Depression: 7 Causes of Depression to Stay Safe

Mental Health
Depression: 7 Causes of Depression to Stay Safe

What is Depression?

There are many psychological disorders that humans go through due to specific changes in signals inside the brain. Some of the diseases occur in our day-to-day lives, while some of them can be rare and very harmful to overall health. Furthermore, depression is one such mental disorder that depresses the person’s mood, and other feelings also change.

In general, the feeling of depression can be described as – sadness, loss, or anger that affects the person’s everyday life. As per the research of 2019, about 18% of adults in America had symptoms of depression every 2nd week. Thus, the digits might have increased over time in the current scenario.

More so, people experience depression at different levels. It has the potential to interfere with people’s lives on a day-to-day basis. In simple terms, depression is a low-esteem disorder that degrades a human’s ability in productive and consumes a lot of time. Furthermore, chronic cases of depression can severely affect your relationships and work life.

Symptoms of Depression

The symptoms of depression may differ from person to person, depending upon their state of mind. More so, you must note that depression is a constant phenomenon that can include many types of feelings. While some of the symptoms can be highly impactful, some of them may quickly appear and disappear with time.

List of Depression Symptoms –

  • Feeling sad and empty
  • Anxious thoughts and crying too much
  • Self-proclamation for being worthless and hopeless
  • Loss of interest in hobbies and favourite activities
  • Always feeling less energized
  • Change in appetite and weight loss
  • Moving slowly or talking slowly
  • Chronic level of physical pain
  • Unable to fall asleep at any time of the day
  • Thoughts of suicide or self-harm
  • Lack of interest in sexual activities
  • Not interested in social gatherings

Before you pick out the similarities, we want you to know that males, females, children, and teens experience different signs of depression. Thus, before making a point, note that you take it with your health expert and then be sure about the symptoms.

If you ever experience such symptoms for more than two weeks in line, it means you are living with depression. However, to confirm the symptoms and their severity, you need to consult a medical professional. More so, do not panic and always take recommendations from a psychological expert.

Causes of Depression –

There can be several reasons for depression that may differ from person to person. Some of them can be biological, while others can be due to sudden incidents in a person’s life. More so, it is the person’s condition and the incident that triggered such signs and symptoms.

Common causes of Depression include –

  • Genetic issues – People who have a family history of depression or other mental problems are more likely to develop the disorder.
    Level of hormones – Most females go through hormonal changes in their bodies during their periods. Once they reach the age of menopause, these hormonal changes do not occur, which increases the risk of depression.
  • Brain chemistry – Sometimes, people suffer from a chemical imbalance in their brain that may impact the system and cause depression. It mainly derives from the mood, thoughts, sleep, and behaviour of the person. Such change can be a result of taking other drugs that are not useful to your health.
  • Stressful/traumatic event – Some people suffer through events in their lives that are way more impactful than any other event in their lives. It affects their mind and lays down stress on physical aspects such as growth. More so, it is common in younger age people.
  • Physical or Mental Pain – Sometimes, it is hard for people to recover from mental pain that can be due to heartbreak or other reasons. At the same time, they hurt themselves and inflict physical pain that stays for days.
  • Medical conditions – Certain medical conditions may make people develop depression and similar health issues. It includes chronic illness, heart attack, cancer, insomnia, and chronic pain.
  • Drug abuse – Many people consume medicine for various purposes. Some of those drugs come along with depression as a side effect if they keep on using it for a long time.


Mental disorders like depression can be a severe problem. Therefore, it is a must not to avoid the situation and take necessary help as per the doctor’s advice. More so, it will lower the risk of developing issues that are not favourable for the person’s health.

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