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Privacy Policy

In general terms, the privacy of every visitor/customer is kept intact as they surf through the website’s pages. Our team continuously works on the safety aspect of the website to keep everything safe inside our database. More so, in today’s time, there are more chances of online theft. Thus, keeping your data secure is of utmost importance for us.

Furthermore, some terms give a clear idea of the privacy policy terms that we follow. If anyone of you does not agree to these points, you may leave the website without any problem.  However, if you continue using the site, then it means that you agree to the terms of this page.

Visitor’s information:

The numbers of visitors who surf through the website’s pages are uncountable. It means that we need to keep a close check on our server security to protect their privacy and keep our site out of theft. As you visit our website, there are some details that get auto-filled into our database. It mainly consists of – your system’s IP address, browser information, date and time, and others. This kind of information is necessary for us to know about the choice and preference of our customers.

Any of the data that we save does not undergo any surveillance. Also, the visitor’s personal information is secure in our database if they provide us directly.  More so, none of your information will be stored without your permission. It means there is nothing unreliable from our end that will be useful without taking the directions. Also, we take such data to provide the best services for future references.

Cookies and third-party actions:

The cookies that we store are from your browser’s history. It gives us appropriate information about the pages you like to visit so that it can be of any help for our third-party members.  Also, if you do not want us to store them, you can disagree with the same as you first visit our website. Moreover, we will not take anything without your permission as it goes beyond our terms. Note that none of your information is transferable to these third-party sites from our end.

However, if you indulge in the ads that are visible on-site, then it is your responsibility to carry on with the same. We want to advise you that many of the cybercrime activities take place through third-party involvement. Therefore, in case of theft of money or information, we won’t be liable for such acts.


The goods and services that we sell have nothing to do with the other materials. We deal directly with the manufacturers and present them before you on our website. Also, the information that is visible is a creation of numerous researches. If a child or other drug abuser indulges in buying meds illegally, then we will not be responsible for such acts.

More so, it is important that you read all the terms carefully before surfing through the site. Also, if you are here to purchase medicine, make sure you buy them as per the doctor’s prescription. Moreover, if you are still using the pages, it simply means you agree to terms written under the Privacy Policy of our website. Therefore, read all the terms carefully before you go to purchase meds from our website.